Terms and Conditions

This set of terms and conditions are to be applied on a new member to join TAKEONE platform as member

  • 1. User should provide real and accurate information (otherwise will be stopped and banned)
    • a. Name
    • b. Address
  • 2. Two level verification to avoid scams
    • a. Through Email
    • b. Through Phone Via SMS
  • 3. User profile picture are strictly take into consideration, user should only upload his personal picture (otherwise will be supervised and verified by takeone team).
  • 4. Some details like ID or passport number are required only as soon as you join any club on takeone platform and will be verified by club owner or staff.
  • 5. Any fake identity or data or disturbing content will be sent a warning and will be banned if not promptly responded to and may require a formal letter of apology to the offended users on the platform.
  • 6. Our policy forbids posting, sharing media or materials with wrong information or contents that has things to do with
    • a. Politics
    • b. Religion
    • c. Rasizam
    • d. Pornography
    Offenders will be warned and banned from using the platform.
  • 7. Item sold in takeone online store are returnable within 1 week but under certain conditions
    • a. As good as new.
    • b. Undamaged and in resalable condition.
    • c. It should be given bac with the receipt and original packing of the item.

These are all of the terms and conditions of being a valuable member of takeone platform with you and enjoyable experience and hope takeone platform helps you accelerate towards achieving your goals, finally thank you and welcome on behalf of takeone team.